Association & Affiliations

JKS England / JKS Japan

Selby Shotokan Karate Club are proudly affiliated with JKS England, which is in turn part of the world-wide Japan Karate Shoto Federation and their Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

The JKS is one of the most renowned traditional associations in the world with tens of thousands of students in around 60 countries. Every grade our students successfully gain is an internationally recognised qualification, and all our black belts are registered in Japan - receiving a beautiful Japanese certificate.

We benefit from regular visits from world class, internationally renowned Japanese instructors, and via JKS England even get the opportunity to visit and train in the Honbu (Headquarters) Dojo in Tokyo. /

English Karate Federation

Through our association with JKS England, we are also members of the EKF (English Karate Association).

The EKF are the National Governing Body for our sport/art in England and is set-up as a democratically elected body for English Karate to cover our martial art and that listens to the needs of all the many aspects of Karate from Sport to Traditional, from the youngest beginner to the most senior instructor.

World Karate Federation

The English Karate Federation are affiliated with the WKF (World Karate Federation), who are officially recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

There are members of JKS England who have taken advantage of this structure, and have competed (and continue to compete) at the very highest level in the world.

SSKC may be a small, provincial karate club, but the potential for our students, should they wish to pursue it, is limitless.


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