JKS Kata Videos

Heian Kata

Originally called Pinan kata, these were adapted from older Okinawan styles into forms suitable for teaching karate to young students.

They were renamed Heian (平安 'Peaceful/Safe') by Gichin Funakoshi when he brought karate to mainland Japan. These five Kata are the starting point for Shotokan students.

Heian Shodan (1st)

Heian Nidan (2nd)

Heian Sandan (3rd)

Heian Yondan (4th)

Heian Godan (5th)

Junro Kata

Developed by the late Tetsuhiko Asai Shihan, original founder of the JKS to ensure that students also developed lesser used strikes, stances and spinning techniques.

These kata introduce a more fluid, whipping, rotational (kaiten) style, generating enormous power - and naturally complement the five Heian forms to provide an excellent broad foundation.

Junro Shodan (1st)

Junro Nidan (2nd)

Junro Sandan (3rd)

Junro Yondan (4th)

Junro Godan (5th)

JKS Shodan/Nidan Syllabus Kata

Bassai Dai

Kanku Dai



Kakuyoku Kata

The name Kakuyoku means 'cranes wings' and refers to the numerous wing-like trapping and hooking techniques found in all three kata.

Kakuyoku Shodan (1st)

Kakuyoku Nidan (2nd)

Kakuyoku Sandan (3rd)

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